18V Li-Ion 1.5Ah Rechargeable Battery BL1815N

18V Li-Ion 1.5Ah Rechargeable Battery BL1815N
Brand: Makita
Product Code: BL1815N
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BL1815 1.3Ah and BL1815N 1.5Ah batteries are compatible with the following Makita 18V Li-Ion tool:-BBY180, D/BCL180, BFR550, BFS450, BHP452, D/BHP453, D/BHP456, BJS130, BML184, BML185, BML186, BML802, BMR100, D/BTD146, BTP140, BTW251, BUB182, BVC350.

- DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls. This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes. The cooling system blows cool air into the battery. As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery, so that the battery life is extended, and the charging process is accelerated.

- Batteries and Chargers Sold Separately.


DC18RC Charging times
18V Li-Ion 4.0Ah: 36 min / 3.0Ah: 22 min / 1.3Ah - 1.5Ah: 15 min
DC18SE Automotive Charger
18V Li-Ion 4.0Ah: 90 min / 3.0Ah: 60 min / 1.3Ah - 1.5Ah: 30 min


Charger not included

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